Adam Richman Shares Positive Message Following Series Of Glum Posts

Man vs. Food alum Adam Richman is sending a positive message to his fans and followers over social media. The 44-year-old TV host revealed he's been feeling glum lately and has been using public platforms to vent about certain pitfalls, including a recent hamstring injury, his love life, and other unidentified stressors.

"Been traveling w/ torn hamstring, in a wheelchair holding crutches in 4 diff airports and people, by and large do not care at all. Been hit with luggage, knocked into by ppl on their phone... Ppl have no kindness or consideration for their fellow man. I thought it was just my ex...," the Secret Eats star wrote on Twitter.

While that post is fairly modest, and the jab at the end was likely in good humor, Richman is making a vow to publish more constructive content online. On June 5, the Brooklynite took to Instagram to share his commitment with the internet.

"I know that my posts have been a little bleak lately — obviously I'm on crutches, I'm actually talking to you from a hospital courtyard right now," Richman said in a video posted to his Instagram story. "But I realized something: Social media is not therapy. I love you guys and I think you guys want the fun food explorations that I do and the cool stuff that I get up to in my life. But I've got to keep a promise to myself."

He continued, "But you know what, it's not that easy. Because when you're going through a dark time, you want support or misery loves company. But the truth of the matter is, I love you guys and I want you to be psyched that you follow me. And I want you to be happy about the posts that you see. So in the spirit of 'if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain,' I will do my best to push whatever rain I'm dealing with out of the way and make sure I give you guys lots of awesome rainbows to look forward to."

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for the foodie king, who tore his hamstring doing a split on stage with E40 at the BottleRock music, food, and wine festival in Napa, California. Speaking of sunshine, warm weather, and famous faces, here are all the beaches where you're likely to spot celebrities.