A.1., Béarnaise, and More: The Definitive Guide to Steak Sauce

No steak is complete without one of these classic sauces
Steak Sauce


Nothing improves a steak quite like a great sauce. 

Don’t get me wrong: Steak is one of the most delicious foods on earth, even when it’s only accompanied by a sprinkling of salt. A nicely seasoned slab of meat, given a nice sear on the grill or in a hot pan, doesn’t need any coaxing to help it taste great. But if you can take a steak from a 10 to a 15, and add some variety to the flavor at the same time, then why shouldn’t you? These 10 sauces will help kick your steak up about 50 notches.

A.1., Béarnaise, and More: The Definitive Guide to Steak Sauce

Adding sauce to grilled meat is nothing new; people have been doing it for centuries the world over. Most of them were developed to help mask the flavor of meat that had gone slightly past its prime, but we’re the lucky beneficiaries of their necessity-induced inventions. Over the years, a handful of sauces have risen to the top of the heap, and these should all be household named for anyone who fancies him- or herself a connoisseur of great steak.


These 10 steak toppings can trace their influences from Argentina, Great Britain, the U.S., and France —four countries that are definitely no slouches in the steak department. Some can only be found at steakhouses (or in the kitchens of especially good cooks), and others are on the shelves at just about every American supermarket. Whether they’re classic French highbrow sauces or great toppings for that weeknight sirloin, they’re all sauces that you should know about.