9 Times Fast Food Chains Served Raw or Rotten Food (Slideshow)

Always look before you bite…

2014: KFC

A woman who ordered two fried chicken sandwiches in San Diego discovered to her horror, after biting into one, that it was completely raw. The manager told her husband that the deep-fryers had broken down and the restaurant continued serving food as if everything was okay. The manager was reportedly fired soon after, but the chain denied that the firing had anything to do with serving raw chicken. 

2013: Burger King

A poster on a child-related message board posted a gross photo of a Burger King sandwich with a couple bites taken out of it, with completely raw chicken inside. Apparently, her four year-old daughter ate some of the sandwich before complaining that it was “juicy.” The mother filed a complaint with the restaurant; no word on whether the child got sick.  

2012: KFC

When chicken isn’t served by the expiration date on the package, it begins to smell and turn green, but employees at one location in Oregon were forced by the franchise owner to sell it anyway. A manager who was forced to serve rotten chicken and produce sued the franchise owner in 2012, also claiming that when he refused to serve it he was fired. 

1993: Jack in the Box

732 people were affected by the most infamous food poisoning outbreak in history, which nearly forced Jack in the Box out of business. 73 locations across California, Idaho, Washington, and Nevada served undercooked patties (a specially promoted “Monster Burger” wasn’t cooked long enough to kill off the bacteria). Four people died from E. coli, all of them children, and 178 others were left with permanent damage.

2014: McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Yum! Brands

Earlier this year, McDonald’s and 3,000 other restaurants in Japan stopped selling products using chicken sourced in China after finding that a China-based company called Shanghai Husi supplied expired meat products to them. All this stemmed from an investigation that showed workers at the factory using meat that had fallen to the floor and mixing expired meat with fresh. 

2009: McDonald’s

In 2009, a McDonald’s customer posed a question to Yahoo! Answers: “Can I sue McDonalds for serving me RAW chicken?” She claimed to have eaten half of a snack wrap before realizing that inside the breading was raw chicken. The manager ended up getting fired, and the poster had some stomach issues to contend with. She never posted a follow-up, so no word on the extent of the damage. 

2005: Arby’s

An Ohio man sued Arby’s for $50,000 after biting into a chicken sandwich (again, chicken!) only to discover that there was a slice of human skin inside, nearly an inch long. Turns out that the manager was slicing lettuce with a mechanical slicer when he sliced his thumb, and he didn’t throw away the bin of lettuce.  

2012: KFC

In 2012, a Reddit user uploaded a photo of what appears to be a chicken sandwich with a bite taken out of it, revealing completely raw chicken beneath. The photo was taken at a location in Ontario, Canada, and it’s unclear what the chain’s response was. 

2012: KFC

It’s KFC company policy that chicken needs to be sold a maximum of 10 days after being slaughtered, but in 2012 employees at one location in Conroe, Tex. were forced to serve chicken that was 16 days old, even though it apparently smelled so bad that it nearly made one worker throw up. There’s no evidence that the spoiled meat was actually served, but the location was shut down for a week and all employees were re-trained in food safety.