7-Eleven Busts Out Build-Your-Own Tater Tot Bar

7-Eleven is seriously upping their hot-food game. The convenience store chain has launched 7-Eleven Tots, dispensed from a tater tot bar with condiments and toppings. Think of it like a nacho bar, but instead of chips, your foundation is tater tots made with 100-percent real Idaho and Oregon potatoes.

Customers can choose between a $1 order of 10 tots (small) or a $2 order of 25 tots (large) at participating locations. They can then be loaded with any of the six to 10 topping choices (beyond just mustard and ketchup.) A press release for the brand lists the primary toppings as: chili sauce, melted cheese, pico de gallo, diced onion, sliced jalapeño peppers, green relish, pickles, and ranch dressing.

"Tots are hot," Robin Murphy, 7‑Eleven's director of fresh food, said in the brand's announcement. "They're served up on appetizer menus at trendy bars and restaurants. You can even find tots and topping bars at weddings. 7‑Eleven has its own version of a tot bar for customers to create their own favorite tasty tot concoction. We encourage culinary creativity."


Craving nacho-tots? We've made the ultimate guide to making your own, here.