$625 Cookbook Aims to Reveal the Secrets of Bread

This call to arms for all bakers costs almost a month’s rent!

An over-2,000-page cookbook that promises to explore all things bread and hopefully revolutionize the practice of baking will be selling for $625.

A $625 cookbook called Modernist Bread by Nathan Myhrvold and written with chef Francisco Migoya is a five-part cookbook that will explain all of the complexities of bread. According to The New York Times, the tome is a follow up to 2011’s Modernist Cuisine.

Myhrvold's first cookbook aimed to replaced the term "molecular gastronomy" with "modernist cuisine" and was an "avant-garde approach of rebelling against culinary rules of the past". It looks like his latest literary endeavor will be no different. 

The new tome, with a hefty price tag of $625, is over 2,000 pages and will account for the history and science of bread-making. According to the Modernist Bread website, it is “a call to arms for any baker.”

As reported by the Times, the book has “meticulous, textbook-style tangents on flour and fermentation. Its recipes require a commitment to close reading, and to flipping back through the books for deeper explanations. But each has useful variations that work with many kinds of mixing and cooking methods, for both professional and home kitchens.”

The book’s website claims that it will transform passionate and curious foodies into bread experts — that is if you can afford it — and expresses hope that readers will strive for innovation in their breadmaking.

“Above all,” concludes the Times’ review, “the book is a call for cooks to rethink one of the world’s oldest foods — to understand how bread is made, using more than their instinct and intuition, so they can push the craft forward.”

The cookbook will be released November 7.


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