Bottomless Brunch

6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Bottomless Brunch

Certain drinks go down a lot easier than others
Bottomless Brunch

Let's get this party started.

Few things get us out of bed quicker on a Saturday or Sunday morning than a reservation with friends at a restaurant that’s offering bottomless brunch. Being able to get some quality day drinking done, especially when you’re not individually paying for each drink, can make for a seriously good time, especially when it’s washing down some eggs Benedict. But there are a few tips of the trade to making sure you get your money’s worth without completely overdoing it. Here are six.

Know the Rules
Is it two hours? An hour and a half? Does it end once you’re finished eating? Know the ground rules before you get started, and budget your time (and stomach space) accordingly.

Don’t Mix Your Booze
The only thing worse than a cheap Champagne hangover is a cheap Champagne and cheap vodka hangover. Choose one type of booze and stick with it for the long haul.

Do the Math
If your endless drinks cost $19.95, make sure you drink enough to get your money’s worth. Two mimosas at $10 each aren’t worth it; four at $5 are.

Beware of Bloody Marys
Four ounces of Bloody Mary mix contains 640 milligrams of sodium, so if you knock back four of them in one sitting, you’re basically drinking an entire day’s worth of sodium. Bloody Marys also don’t exactly go down easy, so we wouldn’t recommend trying to get drunk on them.

Mimosas Aren’t Your Friend
Drinking more than a couple mimosas in one sitting generally isn’t an especially good idea. One, they’re absolutely full of sugar; two, they’re usually made with sparkling wine that’s barely drinkable on its own; three, they’re very low alcohol, so you’re going to need to drink a lot of them if you’re looking to get a buzz; and four, the hangover you’ll get from them is absolutely miserable.


If You Can, Stick With Screwdrivers
Lots of restaurants don’t offer screwdrivers as a bottomless option, because they know that they’re the best bottomless option. They go down easy, they’re actual cocktails, they will actually get you buzzed, and they don’t contain nearly as much sugar as mimosas, meaning the hangover won’t be as bad. And if you’re concerned about sugar intake, you can ask for them to be made with half OJ and half club soda.