5 Things That Should Never Have Been Sriracha-Flavored

Yes, we know, sriracha is good. It's spicy, garlicky, and magically gives a tasty kick to just about everything that it's applied to. But just because something can be topped with sriracha doesn't mean it should be, and in the same vein just because a brand can give its product sriracha flavor doesn't mean that it should. Here are five products that really shouldn't have ever been sriracha-flavored.

Lip Balm

You might love sriracha, but do you really want to be applying a goop that tastes like garlic and chile peppers directly to your lips?

Candy Canes​

Nothing screams Christmas like fooling your nephews with spicy candy canes!


If flavored vodkas haven't already jumped the shark, they just did.

Ranch Dressing

Eh... This probably tastes good when wings or other fried things are dunked into it, but hot sauce and lettuce just don't really work together.

Coconut Oil

This one we just can't wrap our heads around.