5 Spirits That Make Great Gifts

If you have a few hard-to-buy-for friends on your gift lists, why not take some notes on their liquor habits? Whether they enjoy making cocktails or just want something to pour over ice, it's not hard to find the right spirit.

Blue Bay Chair Spiced Coconut Rum ($17.99)
Don't be deceived by the word "spiced;" this spirit from country crooner Kenny Chesney is more Rumchata than Captain Morgan. The coconut cream makes it a cocktail with no more than a little ice.

Fords London Dry Gin ($29.99)
For the gin drinker, pick up a bottle of Fords. There is no doubt what spirit this is as juniper is the clearest flavor, but eight other botanicals are there as well, including grapefruit from Turkey and jasmine from China.

Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey ($48.99)
Your favorite whiskey lover will love this whiskey made with Rocky Mountain water. While the first sip on your tongue of this 100-percent barley whiskey may seem powerful, it goes down smooth.

Dark Chocolate Godiva Liqueur ($32.99)
This bottle is a chocolate lover's dream. It's deep, dark liqueur from one of the world's most renowned chocolate makers. Whether it's poured into coffee or mixed in a martini, it's a gift that will be loved. 

Reyka Vodka ($23.00)
If you are looking for an unusual present for a vodka lover, try Reyka. This Icelandic vodka is produced with glacial water in small batches for a smooth, impurity-free taste.