5 Reasons Why Jelly Shots Are Better Than Jell-O Shots

The slightest bit of creativity and you’ll never make Jell-O shots again

5 Reasons Why Jelly Shots Are Better Than Jell-O Shots

Jell-O shots have long been a part of the college (and admit it, post-college) party scene, maybe because they’re as easy to make as, well, Jell-O. You just open a packet, heat it up on the stove in some hot water, add in some booze, let it set in little cups, and boom, you’ve got edible shooters. But wouldn’t it be better to have edible cocktails? You’re a grown-up now, so swap out the Jell-O for real gelatin and get creative.

Blueberry-Tini Jelly Shots

This mixture of lemonade, lemon lime soda, blueberry vodka, and fresh blueberries is incredibly delicious, and pretty to look at, too. Get the recipe here

Vodka Tonic Jelly Shots

Adding some gelatin to a standard vodka (or gin) and tonic recipe makes for a great way to eat your mixed drink! And the fact that it glows under black light because of the quinine is pretty cool, too! Recipe here

Fire Breathing Dragon Jelly Shots

Like it spicy? This shot blends mango juice, mango schnapps, and mango vodka with jalapeño, and has a nice little kick. Recipe here

Root Beer Barrel Jelly Shots

Root beer, root beer-flavored vodka, and sambuca team up for a fun time. Recipe here


Think of this as a grapefruit margarita: grapefruit soda (like Fresca), limeade concentrate, and tequila partner for a refreshing summer bite. Find the recipe here