5 Reasons Why It’s Always Better to BYOB

Be the sommelier for the night and bring your own wine to the restaurant

Here are 5 reasons why you’ll never leave your bottle of wine at home again!

Wine and dinner go together like… well, wine and dinner! Certain restaurants allow patrons to bring their own wine with them, and here are five reasons why it’s always better to BYOB than order off the wine list.

Restaurants that allow customers to bring their own wine are known as “BYOBs,” an acronym for “bring your own bottle.” This four-letter phrase is many wine lovers’ dream, because it allows them to play a more active role in their dining experience and avoid dramatic markup prices.

Restaurants allow guests to BYOB for a variety of reasons. If a restaurant allows BYOB and doesn’t sell its own alcohol, then the owners don’t need to apply for a liquor license and pay the associated costs. Restaurant owners are aware that people know that the price a restaurant charges for a bottle is over market value. Allowing guests to enjoy their own bottle of wine with a meal can help draw more diners through the doors. 

Partaking in this experience isn’t always free; it’s important to remember that restaurants often charge a corking fee to diners who bring bring their own bottles. If the cost of the corking fee, coupled with the price of the bottle, is more expensive than just buying the bottle at the restaurant, consider whether bringing your own bottle is actually worth it.


With all this in mind, consider these five reasons why it’s better to BYOB than sweat over an overpriced wine list.