5 Reasons Why Guy Fieri Might Be Cooler Than Anthony Bourdain

That’s right, we said it
Wikimedia Commons

Yes, Guy Fieri is a cool dude. 

In the world of food television, Anthony Bourdain is the reigning king of cool. He rolls into exotic locales around the world with his sunglasses on and his B.S. meter cranked up to 11, finds the best under-the-radar places to eat like a local, and acts like he owns the place while making quips that leave his dining companions (and the audience) in stitches. But we’re going to go out on a limb here: Guy Fieri just might be cooler. Yes, the spiky-haired, sunglasses-adorned host of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, known for his catchphrases, very well might rack up more cool-kid points than Bourdain. Here’s why:

He Drives Cooler Cars

When was the last time you heard about Bourdain cruising around town in a Lamborghini?

He Doesn’t Pass Judgment

As opposed to ragging on hipsters and vegans, Fieri is dedicated to showcasing the talents of small-town chefs who cook whatever they want, not just the chefs at the most expensive restaurants in town.

He Still Runs His Own Restaurants

However you may feel about Guy's American Kitchen & Bar, Fieri launched his own restaurants and still runs them to this day. Bourdain, on the other hand, hasn’t been involved with a restaurant since he left Les Halles.

He Appreciates His Job

Fieri has been completely content traveling the country, seeking out under-the-radar chefs and restaurants, for years, and has even hosted other shows at the same time. Bourdain, on the other hand, fancies himself an auteur of some sort, and jumped ship from an extremely successful show to inexplicably do more hard-hitting reporting for CNN.

He Has a Crazy Getup, and Doesn’t Care


Fieri really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. He knows that people are whispering things about his Hawaiian shirts, spiky hair, "bling," and reverse sunglasses behind his back, and he doesn’t care. Haters be damned, he’s just going to do his thing.