5 People Who Ate Really Ridiculous Things

You won’t believe what these people ate
Eating Plates

Yep, that's a plate. 

For various reasons, people have eaten some really bizarre things. And we’re not talking about peanut butter and pickle sandwiches here, we’re talking about, oh, airplanes. Here are five people who ate some seriously strange snacks.

Michel Lotito
Lotito is also known as “Monsieur Mangetout,” which translates to “Mr. Eat Everything,” and that tells you everything you need to know. The guy has eaten everything from glass, silverware, and bicycles to an entire freakin’ Cessna 150 light aircraft (he reportedly ground it up into powder and sprinkled some on his toast every morning for two years), and, thanks to a stomach with lining that’s twice as thick as the average person’s, it’s never made him sick

Henry Harrison
Known as the “human ostrich,” Henry Harrison was a hugely successful “sideshow eater” around the turn of the twentieth century (and also a bit of a playboy). His act was pretty simple: audiences would toss things up on stage, and he’d eat them. Glass, nails, screws, even pocket knives would be swallowed down with ease. Amazingly, he never suffered any ill effects, except for one time when he ate a package of pins and the packaging lodged in his intestine.

John Fasel
As opposed to Harrison, poor John Fasel, who also made a career for himself eating keys, knives, and whole pocket watches, didn’t have a digestive system that could handle it. In 1901, doctors removed three watch chains, five hairpins, three keys, a ring, 128 pins, and 12 horseshoe nails from his stomach, and Fasel retired from the scene after that. 

Chaz Chase
When entertainer Chaz Chase got caught bringing 400 cigarettes and 75 cigars into Australia in 1947, customs officials thought he was a smuggler until he proved otherwise by eating some of them. One of vaudeville’s longest-running acts (he worked well into his ‘80s), Chase would eat just about anything — lit matches, flowers, coins, paper — and also appeared in many silent films.

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Branko Crnogorac
“Metal-eating 80-year-old retires after choking on bike pedal” is one heck of a headline, but that’s exactly what happened to a Serbian man named Branko Crnogorac (pictured). He reportedly consumed 25,000 light bulbs, 12,000 forks, 2,000 spoons, 2,600 plates, and thousands of vinyl records. When doctors saved him from the bike pedal, they also discovered about four-and-a-half pounds of assorted metal in his stomach.