5 Outrageous Mail-Order Food Gifts

Want to surprise someone? Send them one of these ridiculous food gifts

This mini-grill allows you to grill on your balcony. 

When it’s the holiday season, there’s nothing more exciting than receiving a package from a friend or loved one that you know contains a gift for you. And it’s even more exciting if that gift somehow revolves around food. But certain food gifts are much more exciting than others — a box of oranges from Harry & David isn’t exactly worth jumping up and down about. Here are five awesome mail-order gifts for the food lover in your life.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $24

Let me get this straight: This fries an egg, toasts English muffins, melts cheese, and heats up Canadian bacon? We’ll be ordering one of these for ourselves as well.

Balcony BBQ, $98

This straightforward grill can be attached to just about any balcony, and it’s also portable, so it can be taken to the park as well. Pretty cool. 

Chihuahua Taco Holder Set, $27.99

There is no better way to eat tacos.

Chocolate Anatomy, $34.95

This one is a little weird, but it’s definitely delicious.

Bacon Wallet, $11.79

For the bacon-lover who has everything. You know a product is going to be awesome when the description reads “Great conversation piece, functional, not greasy.”