5 Most Disgusting Christmas Dishes

We're all for Christmas traditions, but some dishes really should be banned from Christmas dinner.


One of the culinary world's most infamous laughingstocks, fruitcake is one of those foods that very few people actually enjoy. A super-dense loaf of dried fruits and spices, the tart, sickly sweet "cake" is in reality more like a brick. We'll pass.

Jell-O Molds

If there's a dish that involves Jell-O in any form on your Christmas table, we highly suggest you reconsider. A holdover from the 1950s when molds were in vogue, today they're just bizarrely jiggly, artificially flavored vessels for other foods that nobody would eat.

Green Bean Casserole

Canned green beans mixed with canned cream of mushroom soup, topped with packaged fried potatoes? Unless you're celebrating Christmas in a fallout shelter, find a tastier side dish.


A traditional Nordic Christmas dish, lutefisk is made by taking dried and salted whitefish and rehydrating it in lye water, resulting in a very gelatinous finished product. There's plenty of fresh fish at the grocery store, just serve that instead!

Carrot Salad

If the primary component of a side dish is grated carrots, it's time to go back to the drawing board. And most recipes include several cups of mayonnaise, which cancels out any nutritious qualities.