5 Inexpensive Wines You Want For Christmas Dinner

You've set the menu and invited the guests. Now it's time to pick the wine. It's hard to please everyone, so your best bet is to pick a selection from the year's releases.

Viva Diva Moscato Mango ($10)
Viva Diva wines, owned by celebrity Christina Milan, are a perfect start to your holiday. The moscato is a cross between a cocktail and an apéritif. It's available in four different flavors, but the mango will have them talking.

2013 Mercer Yakima Valley Pinot Gris ($15)
Chances are, someone at your table is not a big wine drinker and would be happy sipping a light white. This Washington state pinot gris is the answer.

2012 Prinz Von Hessen Royal Riesling ($25)
Hide the bottle and no one will guess this is a riesling. Although it does have some apricot and citrus notes, it's drier than what most expect in the varietal, making it a good mix with food.

2009 Reserve Abacela Tempranillo ($25)
Tempranillo is a great Spanish grape that works for those who don't always love red wine. This one actually comes from Oregon and the fruit and spice will work with any meat.

2013 Dryland Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ($14)
If you've never had a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand, you haven't experienced a truly unique wine. Sit back and digest your dinner while you take in the unmistakable mix of grass, citrus, and kiwi in this perfect example.