5 Foods You Should Be Infusing Into Your Whiskey

Seriously, put these in a whiskey bottle and wait for the magic to happen.
Wikimedia Commons/ Emmanuel Poetz

If you like it spicy, a habanero in your whiskey can work wonders. 

Whiskey is one of those spirits that you don’t want to mess around with too much, especially the good stuff. Neat or on the rocks, let the booze speak for itself. But that doesn’t mean you should never infuse your whiskey! There are plenty of great whiskeys on the market that are quite inexpensive, and as a consumer, it’s your right to do with them as you please.

5 Foods You Should Be Infusing Into Your Whiskey (Slideshow)

Infusions are a very popular trend in the bar industry these days (seriously, just about every bar has some sort of infusion going on), and for a bar owner, creating a house-made infusion is a great way to sell inexpensive liquor at a steep markup. But you can also very easily make infusions at home with just about any type of liquor (jalapeño-infused tequila? Yes, please.).

Every brand and style of whiskey is different and will result in a different infusion, so experiment until you find one that works for you. The deep woodiness of bourbon works better with some ingredients; the smokiness of some scotches works better with others.

To get started, sterilize a wide-mouthed quart-size Mason jar and its lid. Then have at it. When you feel like these ingredients have infused for long enough, strain it through a fine mesh strainer and funnel it back into the bottle. Use these suggestions as a starting point, and have fun!