5 Foods You Should Be Chasing Your Whiskey With

Because every shot of whiskey needs a good chaser

Nothing chases a shot of whiskey quite like a burger. 

Even though whiskey is thousands of years old, the sheer variety available today is far and away more diverse than it’s ever been, and so are the institutions in which to drink said whiskey. Take a shot of whiskey, and while you’ll definitely notice the inherent flavors — caramel, wood, maybe some smoke, depending on the variety — the prevailing experience will be one of the alcohol burning its way down your throat. Sure, you could always reach for a glass of water (or a beer, or a pickleback) to wash away the taste, but why not chase your whiskey with food instead? Here are five foods that make killer whiskey chasers.

There’s nothing like biting into a rich, beefy, cheesy burger to complement the bracing bite of a shot.

Who needs a pickleback shot when you can just bite into a pickle?

Apple Pie
Seriously. If you’re a fan of caramel apple pie, you’ll be a fan of a pie chaser.

Not only does bacon go with everything, the smoky fattiness is the perfect counterpoint to the woody notes in whiskey.


Sausage and Peppers
Rich and fatty food is the perfect complement to whiskey, and it doesn’t get more rich than a sausage and peppers hero. The spices in Italian sausage also mingle well with the flavors of bourbon.