5 Foods That Will Never Be The Same When Trans Fats Are Phased Out

5 Foods That Will Never Be the Same When Trans Fats Are Phased Out

The Food and Drug Administration recently announced that they've decided to no longer classify trans fats in their "generally recognized as safe" category, requiring food companies to phase them out over the next three years because they've been officially recognized as a threat to public health. But what exactly are trans fats, anyway, and which foods will be the most affected by their loss?


Packaged frosting is loaded with trans fats. Homemade frosting is made with butter, but that's not shelf-stable enough to keep on grocery store shelves. 

Drake’s Cakes and Hostess Products

The soft texture of packaged baked goods like Twinkies, Devil Dogs, Coffee Cakes, and Donettes comes from partially hydrogenated oil. 


Girl Scout Cookies, Chips Ahoy, Nutter Butter... just about all of those cookies contain trans fats.

Frozen and Refrigerated Baked Goods

Jimmy Dean breakfast biscuit sandwiches, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls, frozen pizza dough... they all contain partially hydrogenated oils.

Microwave Popcorn

In order to create a shelf-stable product but also achieve that buttery flavor and texture, microwave popcorn producers resort to partially hydrogenated oils.