5 Foods That Could Be Donald Trump's Hair

Way, way too many jokes have been made about Donald Trump's hair, which is one of the more mysterious 'dos we've encountered. But now that he's running for President, why stop the mockery? This hair really has a mind of its own, and like seeing faces in the clouds, it's hard not to see an astonishing variety of foods in The Donald's hair. Here are five.

Corn Silk

Those blonde wisps of hair more closely resemble corn silk than just about any other food out there.

Cotton Candy

Thin and delicate, The Donald's hair very well might be fresh-made every morning in a cotton candy machine.


Free-flowing and seemingly with a life of its own, Trump's hair could easily be described as squid-like.

Shredded Lettuce

Has shredded lettuce ever actually accomplished anything? While Trump's résumé is most likely a little more respectable than this sandwich-killer, they're both equally bland.

Italian Sub

Seeing a delicious-looking Italian sub doesn't actually remind us of Trump, but we just wanted to see what he'd look like with a sandwich on his head.