5 Discontinued Cereals We Wish They’d Bring Back Next

These cereals need to come back to us

No cereal quite captured the spirit of the 1990s like Urkel-O's. 

With the recent return of beloved French Toast Crunch cereal, we were reminded of plenty of other cereals that we also miss and wish would come back to us. If one cereal can come back from the dead, so can others. So let’s bring back these childhood favorites!

Pop Tarts Crunch

Hundreds of teeny-tiny Pop Tarts condensed into cereal form, these super-crunchy little nuggets debuted in 1994 and were gone much too soon.

Oreo O’s

The product of a partnership between Post and Nabisco that just wasn’t meant to last, these also condensed a popular snack food into cereal format. Guess we’ll have to just make our own by pouring milk into a bowl of Mini Oreos (or we could catch a flight to South Korea, where they're still available). 

Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears

Notice a pattern? There was a time when some of the tastiest snacks were converted into breakfast cereal (including Teddy Grahams), and unfortunately that time has come to an end.

Rice Krispies Treats Cereal

Yes, even Rice Krispies Treats were once shrunken down into cereal. While Kellogg's still claims that they're available, we haven't seen them in supermarkets for years. If you know where to find them, let us know!



While these yellow and red sugary loops had absolutely nothing (apart from their name) to do with the legendary Family Matters character-turned early ‘90s pop culture icon Steve Urkel, ‘90s nostalgia is in full swing and we bet this cereal would fly off the shelves today. We’d buy a box just for the free “Urkel for President” button inside.