5 Chocolate Sculptures Too Cool To Eat

5 Chocolate Sculptures Too Cool to Eat

Chocolate and art are two things that most people probably don't associate with each other. It takes hard work to create these chocolatey masterpieces, but they look incredible when they're done. So good, in fact, that you'll actually feel guilty eating them. Let's look at five amazing examples.

Chocolate Bunny

The most iconic chocolate sculpture is without a doubt this staple of Easter culture. Bunnies in real life are adorable. You're saying you can something like that without any remorse?! 

Chocolate Elephant

This large chocolate sculpture has incredible detail. Look at the wrinkles and the tusks — you can really see the effort put in to create them. You can practically hear the elephant's trumpeting call through your speakers.

Chocolate Oven

Artist Jeffrey Wurtz made this chocolate oven sculpture, and the level of detail is mind-blowing. From the rendering of the oven handle to the beautifully designed tile floor at the foot of the bench, you know this took a lot of work.

Chocolate Pirate Ship

Take a moment to look at how much work was put into this storybook creation. We love the trim surrounding the boat and the intricate design of the sails. Can you imagine how long this must have taken to create? That is chocolate dedication!

Chocolate Police Officer

From the stripes on the officer's shirt to the badge and text on his car, every detail was considered in this design. You can almost feel the emotion coming from the officer. How could you eat that?