22 Birthday Candles You Never Knew You Needed Until Now Slideshow

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The Amazing Candle (That We Wish Wasn’t a Flower)

How could we cover candles and not include this exploding gem, complete with a rocket flame shooting out of the center as well as lingering individual glows. Our main complaint: why a flower? (And one that looks like it belongs in The Little Mermaid at that.)

Available online at $19.95 for a pack of three.

Sparkler Candles

In the wonderful world of sparkler candles, nothing could be too much. However, as ages rise and more people hit the cap on number (sometimes celebrating their third 49th birthday in a row), we might opt for letter sparklers or even these shaped sparklers. Regardless, everyone needs a little sparkle.

Available online for $2.75 and up per sparkler. 

Strength in Numbers

You can always opt for sheer magnitude, filling the cake surface with as many lit sticks of wax that you can get your hands on. (Hint: we might opt for the 6- to 12-inch candles here — not only are they more attractive, but falling wax should be less of an issue.)

Novelty Candles

While many ride the line of tacky, some are just too funny to pass up — and let's not forget the age-old adage, "one person's trash is another person's treasure." I for one am obsessed with the construction cones. Why? Because most of my cakes resemble construction sites.  And the tools? I mean, why not?

Pictured candles available online for $3.99 per pack.

Silver & Gold

If Rudolph isn't already dancing in your head with this oh-so-original title, direct your focus to the perfect simplicity of these shiny go-to styles.

Available online at $2.49 per pack.

'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' Letter Candle Set

A classic and enduring set of candles, these HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles fit the simplest to the most decorative cake, and can be a last-minute fix to any candle disasters.

Available online at $4.99 per pack.

Glitter Candles

In honor of our Entertain editor, who lives by the words "she who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten," enter these tall glitter candles, which in our opinion, should always be accompanied by edible glitter sprinkles.

Available online at $2.49 per pack.

Really Tall Candles

These hand-dipped, pure beeswax candles are about 8 inches long and ¼-inch thick, and they are all unique and have a bit of quirky character. They also jet out from your cake for miles and look absolutely adorable and Dr. Seuss-esque. (P.S. They're sold out online, but contacting this Etsy shop owner may increase your chances of procuring some.)

DIY Candles via Martha Stewart

In the world of DIY, the more personal, the better, and these ideas and shapes are perfect for a range of personalities. 

Happy Doobie to You

Hmm... enough said?

Available online at $5.99 per pack.

Black & White (and Other Cutesy Candles)

Shop Sweet LuLu has a range of standard size candle varieties, with everything from black and white with polka dots, squiggles, and stripes to multicolor varieties, including primary strips, black tie, green apple, and candy cane.

Available online starting at $3.50 per pack.

DIY Fruit Candles

For those of you crafting your Whole Foods-esque, beautiful and fresh-looking berry-topped cake, and who don't want to mess with the feng shui for the "blow out your candles" necessity, try this adorable and clever trick, involving spearing the fruit with a wooden skewer and threading a wick through it. You can stack smaller berries or arrange them like this idea-savvy blogger.

Thirty-Ish Candles

What's a birthday without humor?

Available online at $5.99 per pack.

Really Skinny Birthday Candles

The taller the better, the more spindly... I love it. Pack a billion of these on a cupcake or make a small, double layer cake with these packed on top.

Available online at $0.99 per pack.

(Actual) Crayon Candles

These colorful candles serve double-duty, living their other lives as actual crayons. However, these were just made as a school project and therefore are sadly unavailable to all of us. But, if any creative-type is inspired, we would definitely sign up to buy these.

Matchstick Candles

Not sure how these would look on a cake, seeing as the top colors would burn off almost instantly, and the packaging can't burn on display with the individual candles, but they make for an adorable picture, and a really cute gift idea! The link to buy on The Fancy is broken, so if anyone can find these, let us know.

Rainbow Bright

Who doesn't love the rainbow? And they're tall... which of course we love. We're picturing a white-iced, white-batter cake, also tall and thin, with multiple layers. (Or a rainbow layered cake with white icing, for a when-you-cut-the-first-piece surprise.) You're welcome.

Available in-store at select Target locations; prices will vary.

I Scream, You Scream?

For the ice cream lover.... Enter, ice cream cone candles. That's it. (The link to buy these is also broken, so please let us know if you find their source!)