20 Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants on Facebook Slideshow

From McDonald's and Burger King to Five Guys — the most liked chains

Burger King

#20 Arby's: 306,466 likes

Arby's has been around for 40 years. Facebook for just seven. The number of people who like Arby's on Facebook puts this chain last on this list with just 306,466 likes.

#19 Jack in The Box: 378,098 likes

#18 Five Guys: 464,876 likes

All the hooplah about Five Guys, but at last count, just 464,876 people like this on Facebook.

#17 Sonic Drive-In: 570,533 likes

More than 3,500 drive-ins from coast to coast have garnered Sonic enough popularity so that 570,533 people like this on Facebook.

#16 Carl's Jr.: 673,803 likes

Charbroiled burgers, turkey burgers, teriyaki burgers, and The Big Carl are among some items that have inspired 673,803 people on Facebook to like Carl's Jr. on Facebook at last count. Cheeseburger prints on a bikini worn in a commercial by Miss Turkey probably helps too.

#15 Wendy's: 822,356 likes

The first Wendy's opened in November 1969. Some forty years later and 822,356 people like it on Facebook.

#14 Burger King: 1,028,243 likes

At last count, having it your way has garnered Burger King at least 1,028,243 people who like it on Facebook.

#13 Chipotle: 1,288,150 likes

The first Chipotle opened at a former Dolly Madison ice cream location. By 1996 there were 7 more.  It went public in 2006 on the New York Stock Exchange and now it's starting to seem as ubiquitous as Starbucks. On Facebook that adds up to 1,288,150 likes and counting.

#12 Panda Express: 1,181,285 likes

#11 Papa John's: 1,603,001

There are more than 2,600 Papa John's across the U.S. and on Facebook 1,603,001 people like this.

#10 In-N-Out Burger: 1,721,818 likes

In-N-Out has a devout following, people waiting for the chain to expand to Dallas and then perhaps further east. At the midway point on this list, the chain had a substantial 1,721,818 likes at last count on Facebook.

#9 Domino's Pizza: 2,402,240 likes

It's a significant jump up from In-N-Out to Domino's when it comes to likes on Facebook — 2,402,240 people like this.

#8 Dairy Queen: 2,919,113 likes

Dairy Queen is a master of social media. On Facebook 2,919,113 people like this.

#7 KFC: 2,975,804 likes

The Colonel has more than 15,000 restaurants in 109 countries and territories around the world. In America alone, KFC operates more than 5,200 restaurants. That amounts to 2,975,804 people who like it on Facebook.

#6 Pizza Hut: 3,231,540 likes

At last count, Pizza Hut scored 3,231,584 likes on Facebook putting it at #6 on this list of most popular chains.

#5 Chick-fil-A: 3,931,888

With 3,931,888 likes on Facebook, Chick-fil-A isn't far from passing the 4,000,000 like mark.

#4 Subway: 4,059,970 likes

As noted before, Subway has more locations than any other fast food chain in the world — even McDonald's. But on this lists the 4,059,970 likes it has on Facebook puts it three spots back from the Golden Arches, behind Taco Bell and Buffalo Wild Wings.

#3 Buffalo Wild Wings: 4,542,508 likes

Buffalo Wild Wings comes in at #3 on this list with 4,542,508 likes on Facebook.

#2 Taco Bell: 6,170,475 likes

Taco Bell comes in second with 6,170,475 likes on Facebook. That's still a million less likes than the top ranking chain on this list.

#1 McDonald's: 7,813,854 likes

McDonald's is the clear winner with 7,813,854 likes on Facebook.