None of the Shops Sell Gum from 19 Goofy Things You Didn't Know About Food at Disney Parks (Slideshow)

19 Goofy Things You Didn't Know About Food at Disney Parks (Slideshow)

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None of the Shops Sell Gum

That’s why you don’t often see gum on the pavement. 

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Rose & Crown

Rose and Crown are the most common words found in pub names in the U.K., so that’s why that name was chosen for the pub at the UK Pavilion at Epcot. 


Condiment Pipes

When you’re standing in line for the Dinosaur Ride at Animal Kingdom, look up and you’ll see three pipes with chemical formulas on them. They’re colored red, white, and yellow, because those are the formulas for ketchup, mayo, and mustard!

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Where’s the Booze?

Club 33, the newly-renovated private club and restaurant, is the only place in Disneyland where you can purchase alcohol!

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Enchanted Tiki Restaurant?

The Enchanted Tiki Room was originally intended to be a restaurant. We’d eat there!

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Many, Many Churros

Nearly 3 million churros are sold every year at Disneyland. 

Disneyland Resort

Golden Bacchus

The wine cellars at Disneyland’s Napa Rose and Steakhouse 55 are so well-stocked, they’ve been awarded the Golden Bacchus Wine Award, the highest honor awarded by the Southern California Restaurant Writers Association.

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Royal Street Initials

If you’re dining at the Royal Street Veranda restaurant in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, take a look at the wrought iron balustrade. In the middle are the initials of Walt and Roy Disney. 


Lots and Lots of Chowder

At the Storyteller’s Cafe at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, guests eat more than 14,000 bowls of signature Charred Nebraska Corn Chowder per year.  

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Lots and Lots of Popcorn

Disney California Adventure sells so much popcorn, if you were to stack each kernel on top of one another, it would be 200 feet high — every two days!


Plaza Tinkerbell

If you follow the wire from Cinderella’s Castle down to the corner of Plaza restaurant and sit right under it, you’ll spot Tinkerbell flying down the wire and right over your head. 


Tony’s Town Square

If you look through the dark blue window at the back of Tony’s Town Square restaurant, you’ll spot the silhouette of Lady and the Tramp sharing a bowl of spaghetti. 

Disneyland Resort

Hundreds of Options

Walt Disney World Resort boasts more than 475 dining options, with more than 6,000 total food items available. 

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Locally-Sourced Produce

The Land Pavilion at Epcot grows more than 30 tons of fruit and vegetables annually, and it’s all served at Disney World restaurants. 


Lots and Lots of Drumsticks

Every year, more than 1.2 million pounds of turkey drumsticks are sold at the four Walt Disney World parks. 


Many, Many Hot Dogs

Coke Corner on Main Street USA in Disneyland sells enough hot dogs to circle the park 36 times every year. 

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Disney chefs use about 90 different varieties of cheese in their cooking. 


Disney Harvest

Food waste is a major issue at Disney World, with more than 700,000 pounds potentially going to waste every year. Thankfully, none of it does: it’s donated through the Disney Harvest program to feed the homeless of Central Florida. 

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A Massive Operation

If Walt Disney World Resort was an independent foodservice company, it would be the world’s 45th largest chain. 

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