13 American Foods We Bet You'll Never Find Anywhere Else On Earth

"American" food is having a bit of a moment abroad. Dishes that until recently could only be found, well, in America are now turning up on menus all around the world, and are being discovered by millions of new fans. But you can travel to every country and visit every restaurant that serves an American-inspired menu, and we bet that these 13 All-American dishes will never turn up.

13 American Foods We Bet You'll Never Find Anywhere Else on Earth (Slideshow)

Visit a touristy part of any major city and you'll find a restaurant or two that claims to be "American." They tend to serve cheap, bizarro versions of the most basic American favorites, like burgers, hot dogs, and pizza, but no actual Americans would be caught dead in one of these establishments, let alone actually enjoying the insipid offerings. Thankfully, however, in recent years it's become more and more common to find restaurants that serve classic American fare that's just as good — if not better — than what you'll find stateside. In London, for example, you'll find legit barbecue, solid fried chicken, and more top-notch burger joints than you can count.

The trend may be spreading to more and more international restaurants, but some dishes are steadfastly sticking to their own American region, barely making their way out of the area where they originated. These are little-known dishes even in much of America, so don't expect to see them turning up in a London fried chicken joint any time soon. These are dishes worth celebrating, and worth traveling for — whether it's traveling from New York City or from Paris.