12 Over The Top International Fast-Food Items (Slideshow)

Pizza Hut Sri Lanka: Birizza

Biryani, the popular South Asian rice dish, is about the last thing you'd expect to see at a Pizza Hut, but last July the 'Birizza' hit the menus on locations in Sri Lanka. The dish was offered with either chicken or paneer cheese, and was topped with a pizza dough crust (starch on starch!). An onion salad came on the side, as well as a spicy gravy. 

Subway Japan: Sausage and Barbecue Sub

In August 2013, Subways in Japan added a new meat to the menu: a long sausage, topped with barbecue sauce. As usual, guests were able to choose the cheese, bread, and veggies. I think we can safely say that we won't be seeing stateside Subways offering sausages any time soon. 

KFC Indonesia: Cheese Donut

For some reason, cheese-topped donuts are quite popular in Indonesia, and in September 2013 KFC decided to get in on the action, offering a glazed donut topped with shredded Swiss and cheddar cheese. Here in America, we only eat cheesy donuts if they're sandwiching a burger patty!

Pizza Hut UK: Cheeseburger Pizza

A cheeseburger pizza isn't so wild around these parts anymore; it's usually just a regular pizza topped with ground beef and American cheese. But in England (and previously in the Middle East), Pizza Hut released a limited-time only pizza where the crust was actually made out of little cheeseburgers. They were topped with mozzarella, and ketchup was served on the side. 

Pizza Hut Japan: Black Ninja Burger

This offering made international waves last October for its sheer outlandishness: a burger patty, onions, lettuce, mayo, a hash brown patty, and a giant piece of bacon were sandwiched between a black bun. Meant to resemble a ninja with his tongue sticking out (seriously), the burger even had its own mascot

McDonald’s Italy: Gran Chianina

Made from Italy's famed Chianina beef, this fancy burger sandwiched the high-quality beef patty, along with onion rings, lettuce, cheese sauce made with pecorino Romano, and a walnut sauce inside a tartaruga, or turtle, roll. It was available for three weeks last November, and sounds pretty classy. 

Pizza Hut Puerto Rico: Crazy Cheesy Bacon Crust Pizza

Last year, Pizza Hut briefly sold a pizza in the U.S. that was ringed by tiny pizzas (pizza spawn?) along the crust. The Puerto Rican division took it one step further in December by adding a sprinkle of bacon to the top of those tiny pizzas. Touché, Puerto Rico, touché. 

Pizza Hut Singapore: Double Decker Pizza

Not to be outdone by the infamous Double Sensation described earlier, Pizza Hut Singapore went even more overboard with their Holiday special last December. The bottom pizza had a stuffed crust and was topped with chicken pepperoni and bell peppers, and the smaller pizza stacked on top of it was topped with rolls of turkey ham and Edam cheese, tomatoes, zucchini, and mango mayonnaise. Insanity. 

Domino’s Australia: $50 Wagyu Beef Pizzas

In December, locations of Domino's Pizza in Australia offered probably their highest-end pizzas ever, made with wagyu-grade super-marbled beef. The first pizza, the Wagyu 3 Ways, was topped with wagyu rib meat, wagyu bresaola, sliced, wagyu sausage, smoked rasher bacon, ground beef, and tomato-bell pepper sauce. The second came topped with wagyu rib meat, truffle-infused hollandaise sauce, camembert cheese, cherry tomatoes, and red onion. The two pizzas were sold together for $50 (about $45 USD), and when you ordered one your order was automatically bumped to the front of the line. 

Krispy Kreme UK: Mince Pie Donut

Mincemeat pies are quite popular in the UK; they used to include actual minced meat along with cropped fruit and spices but today most varieties forego the meat. As a special holiday treat last year, Krispy Kremes across the Kingdom released a Mince Pie donut; no word on whether it included meat but we're going to just assume it didn't. 

Pizza Hut India: So Cheezy Pizza

This pizza, which was rolled out in India in December, is beyond cheesy, and that's saying a lot. The crust was not only stuffed with jalapeno cheese, it was topped with a cream cheese-based sauce instead of marinara sauce as well as mozzarella cheese. Cheese on cheese on cheese on bread? Yikes. 

Burger King Vietnam: Kimchi Pork and Szechuan Beef Burgers

This here's an interesting one, released just last month in honor of Chinese New Year (not sure why these were sold in Vietnam instead of China). They released two burgers: the Spicy Kimchi Double Pork, which tops two pork patties with American cheese and kimchi, and the Spicy Szechuan Double Beef, two beef patties topped with American cheese, onions, tomatoes, and a spicy Szechuan-inspired sauce.