11 Things Every Bostonian Misses When They Leave Boston

Here are a few of the unique bites and drinks that Bostonians are sure miss when they’re not in Beantown

There are many great things to miss when you leave Boston.

When people think of Boston, a few key things jump to their minds: baked beans, great seafood, Boston cream pies — and these are all great things. However, when you really know the city, you can recognize the things that truly make it great — which makes leaving this incredible city even harder.



Union Square Donuts offer a crazy variety of flavors.

The recent doughnut craze has hitched on to Boston in true fire form. With Blackbird Doughnuts in the South End and Kane’s in the Financial District, the city has fried dough down to a T (no city transit pun intended!). Perhaps the best spot for doughnut indulgence can be found in Somerville’s Union Square: Union Square Donuts is by far one of the most delicious and interesting doughnut experiences you can have. 

Fenway Franks and Post-Game Cocktails


Photo Modified: Flickr / Andrew Malone / CC BY 4.0

That's a bite of nostalgia right there.

Moved away? Come spring, you’ll miss heading to a Red Sox game to watch them win as you enjoy a Fenway frank and a beer. The full ritual entails making your way after the game to The Hawthorne or Eastern Standard to celebrate with some of the best bartenders in the city. It’s as simple as that, and Boston does simple better than anyone. 

Flour Bakeries

sticky bun

Photo Modified: Flickr / snowpea&bokchoi / CC BY 4.0

Their famous sticky bun.

A no-brainer is Joanne Chang and her empire of flour bakeries. The best sandwiches (roasted chicken and jicama and their BLT are among the top picks) and of course, their infamous sticky bun that has been featured on TV (Throwdown! with Bobby Flay) and print publications. Chang also has two cookbooks which can help keep the nostalgia intact.

Formaggio Kitchen


Formaggio Kitchen / Facebook

You can't find quality charcuterie just anywhere.

Formaggio Kitchen is a veritable mecca of international wine and cheese knowledge. This is the best place to pick up some cheese or wine for a party, of just to enjoy yourself! Their staff is impassioned and knowledgeable and always takes the time to figure out exactly what you are looking for. 

Good Coffee


Boston runs on good coffee.

Coffee is no longer just associated with Dunkin’ Donuts here in Boston. Over the past few years, local coffee enthusiasts have opened up the options with some of the best beans in the country. Thinking Cup offers delicious baked goods and treats with Stumptown brew, Intelligentsia is found at Render Coffee, there’s also Barrington Coffee Roasting Co., the very highly anticipated Coffee Trike brick-and-mortar location, and Gracenote is also up and running with not your average cup of Joe.

Ice Cream

ice cream

Photo Modified: Flickr / Samat Jain / CC BY-SA 4.0

You'll want to scream when you can't get some Boston ice cream.

Everyone knows that New Englanders consume some of the highest volumes of ice cream in the U.S. (as well as in the world). If you were surrounded by Boston local spots like Toscanini’s, Picco, and J.P. Licks, it would be strange if you didn’t rank among the top consumers, and it makes it harder to settle for anything but the best somewhere else.

Kosher Food


b.good / Facebook

Kosher food rolls around Boston.

In the neighborhood of Brookline, you will find some of the best spots for authentic Jewish and Kosher food. Rami’s brick-and-mortar is one of the original hole-in-the-walls, and now they have a food truck that can bring their delicious falafel that much closer to you. 

Local Fast Food


b.good / Facebook

You know you'll miss b.good.

So California can boast about their In N’ Out, but Boston has some stellar ones of its own fast food. Healthy fast food is a growing trend in this city and some of the best burritos hail from these Boston local spots. Boloco (Boston local company) and Anna’s Taqueria are always around for you to drop by and quickly snap up a killer burrito or chips and homemade guac. b.good knows their local produce and seasonal ingredients and always has a great roster of burgers to offer their guests. 

Restaurant Row in Fort Point


Row 34 / Facebook

It's hard to duplicate the magic of Row 34.

Perhaps one of the best things about Boston are the up and coming neighborhoods; Somerville’s Union Square, Inman Square, and of course, Fort Point. The latter boasts some of the city’s best new restaurants and a few old timers as well. Enjoy inventive street food at Louis DiBiccari’s Tavern Road, a menu-free cocktail bar at Barbara Lynch’s Drink that’s family-friendly; and knock-out Neapolitan pizza at Pastoral. A restaurant row would be incomplete without something from Garrett Harker and Row 34 with some of the best contemporary takes on local seafood has you covered there! 

Sowa Sundays 

street fair

Photo Modified: Flickr / SoWa Sundays / CC BY-SA 4.0

A Sunday spent here is a well-spent Sunday indeed.

From May through October, a whole segment of Harrison street becomes a pulsing eco-system of a farmer’s market. With food stalls from farms and food purveyors all over the state, to unique displays of local artisans, and an antique market. All of this perusing naturally makes you hungry, and that’s why all the city’s best food trucks show up for the event as well. Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, Mei Mei, Bon Me, Clover — it’s really tasty company!

Wholy Grain

Wholy Grain

The Wholy Grain / Facebook

Mornings just aren't the same without Wholy Grain.


Hidden on a street corner in the South End, The Wholy Grain is arguable the cutest and most quintessential South End spot for coffee, baked goods, and more. Everything is made in house and their absolutely best item is their chocolate chip scone — surely something you’ll crave if you wake up in another city.