11 Foods That Ease Heartburn (Slideshow)

Just about every green or root vegetable is great for heartburn. Celery, for example, is a great appetite suppressant and is a great source of roughage, which keeps things moving. 

Whole Grains

Whole grain foods contain loads of fiber, which eases heartburn because it keeps foods moving through your digestive tract. 


Beans are also full of fiber. 


Oatmeal is ideal for those who suffer from heartburn because it's filling and has essentially no acid. 


Ginger is great for acid reflux: it's an anti-inflammatory and has also been used for thousands of years to treat gastrointestinal issues. 


Melon, including honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon, is an ideal food for those looking to keep heartburn at bay. 


Another low-acid fruit, they're also a good choice. 


Salads are loaded with green goodness and are a great source of roughage. You'd be hard-pressed to meet someone who got heartburn after eating a salad; just make sure that it's not loaded up with cheese and oily dressing. 


Pretzels and other dry foods like crackers and plain toast are also great for those suffering from heartburn. The digestive process stirs up a lot of stomach acid, and these foods can actually help reduce it by soaking it up. 


Fennel improves stomach function and has a very low acid level, so it's great to incorporate into your diet and use to keep heartburn down. 


Parsley has been used to settle stomachs and aid digestion for thousands of years, and can work wonders on heartburn.