The 10 Most Expensive Pints Of Ice Cream

10) Talenti Gelato: $8 per pint

Talenti began as a gelateria in 2003 and is now the best-selling brand of gelato in the country. Their pints of gelato and sorbetto can be found in major grocery chains nationwide, which is good news for fans. Flavors range from plain vanilla to rad combos like sea salt caramel (caramel ice cream with fleur de sel and chocolate caramel're welcome). At around $8 per pint (depending on where you look), it's right on the borderline of ridiculous. 

9) Steve’s Ice Cream: $10 per pint

Brooklyn-based Steve's  claims to be responsible for one of our favorite ice cream options: the mix in. In business since 1973, Steve's uses tons of local ingredients for their mix-ins, including Salvatore BKLYN's small batch ricotta, Brooklyn's Pies & Thighs donuts and pie pieces, and Blue Bottle coffee. Online purchasing is available for $10 per pint but there is a 5 pint minimum purchase, necessitating a $50 splurge. For flavors like Mexican Chili Chocolate, Strawberry Ricotta, and Nola Iced Coffee and Donuts, we'll dig into the piggy bank to come up with the scratch!

8) Three Twins: $10 per pint, 6 pack for $60

Three Twins, named after the founder's apartment where he lived with his twin brother and his brother's fiancé, began in an old taqueria in San Rafael, Calif. The company uses organic ingredients wherever possible and sources milk from no further than 17 miles from their production facility. Three Twins came up consistently in online forums when people were asked about their favorite ice cream, and we can see why! With flavors like Chocolate Orange Confetti and Dad's Cardamom, there's a great variety and a few of the flavors are even fair trade. Pints are available for purchase online in packs of 6 for $60. 

7) Silver Moon: $10 per pint

Silver Moon caught our attention for two reasons: booze and ice cream. Both awesome, and made even better when blended together! The cool thing about Silver Moon is that they use some less-common liquors to make unique flavor combinations like Lavender Limoncello and Orange Dream (which has Cointreau in it). At $10 per pint via Ice Cream Source, this might not make your shopping list every week but would be a luxurious indulgence for a special occasion. 

6) Capogiro: 6 for $60, $10 each

Pennsylvania-based Capogiro offers a dizzying array of gelato flavors, including grapefruit/Campari sorbetto, rosemary honey goat's milk gelato, and wild flower honey gelato. Yum! You can purchase these and tons of other flavors through their online storefront. Pints go for $10 each and can only be purchased online in packs of 6. 

5) Grom, New York, NY.: $10 per 350 grams

If you're outside of Italy and want to find amazing Italian gelato, you should check out Grom in New York City. They use mostly Italian ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors, and even go so far as to make their sorbet and granita with water from Italy's Sparea spring. That's some serious dedication to quality. Of course, all of these perks come with a price tag. You can purchase to-go containers for any of your favorite flavors. They sell for $26 for large (1 kilo), $14 for a medium (½ kilo), and $10 for a small (350 grams, which is a little less than a pint). 

4) Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams - $12 per pint

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams comes up in just about every debate about who makes the best ice cream, and with good reason. Jeni Britton Bauer is a James Beard Award winning cookbook author and has been making ice cream professionally for more than 2 decades. Like this wasn't enough to hook us, she comes up with crazy amazing flavors, like her Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallow, Middle West Whiskey Eggnog, and Mango Lassi Frozen Yogurt. These excellent flavor combos come with a slightly higher price tag of $12 per pint but hey, you only live once. 

3) MilkMade: $30 per month for 2 pints

Forget fruit of the month clubs! Sign us up for ice cream of the month! That's exactly what you get if you are lucky enough to live in New York City, where MilkMade runs a monthly subscription service for ice cream enthusiasts. $30 per month gets you two pints of whatever flavor they dream up, making each pint $15. Recent flavors include chestnut ice cream and a Christmas tree flavor (with actual pine needles!). Currently, MilkMade is only servicing New York, but there are plans to expand soon. 

2) ECreamery: $18.75 per pint for custom flavors is an ice cream lover's paradise.  You have the option of purchasing pre-fab flavors like Double Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Cashew Brittle, or you can choose to make up your own custom flavors and personalize your packaging, making this a great holiday gift or perhaps a creative wedding gift To purchase 4 pints, the minimum, you'll pay $59.99 for the pre-designed flavors, which is pretty stiff at about $15 per pint, and doesn't include shipping charges. When you opt for your own flavors, you start at $59.99 and then progressively pay more as you add mix-ins for a grand total of $18.75 per pint if you were to add the maximum 3 mix-ins at $5 each!

1) Cappanari’s: 6 pints for $160 to $190

Topping our list of America's most expensive ice cream pints, Cappanari's of Chicago will ship you their delicious ice cream, for a price. This family owned-and-operated ice cream parlor offers delectable flavors created by a master chef. If you want to order it, be prepared to shell out $160 to $190 for 6 pints. If you go the $190 route, then you're left with a grand total of $31 per pint. The Black Raspberry Chip sounds delicious, but that's a lot of money for a pint of ice cream.