10 Inescapable Truths about Being a Picky Eater, As Told By Tumblr

What do you mean, just try it?
10 Inescapable Truths about Being a Picky Eater, As Told By Tumblr


Keep your tartar sauce away from me and no one gets hurt. 

Being a picky eater is a stress-filled, anxiety-inducing state of existence — and while we wouldn’t wish it on anyone, some of us can’t help losing our appetite over the wrong kind of peanut butter, or a sauce in a color that we’ve never seen before.

It’s not like we want to order from the kids’ menu for all of eternity, but there’s just something safe and comforting about a plate of chicken tenders and fries, a picky eater’s bread and butter.

Speaking of which, sometimes all we need to set us right in the world is some bread and butter.

If you or someone you love is a picky eater, here are a few inescapable, sometimes inconvenient, truths about the struggle.

You have had recurring nightmares about this exact scenario:

Your parents have tried to bribe you not to embarrass them at important events.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, you say? Then why do I have eyes?


Sometimes, the moment you realize how much you hate something, it conveniently manages to show up everywhere.

Other people judge the quality of their own cooking by whether or not you’ll eat it.

Dating requires an extra level of selection.

Some people seem to think it’s fine to put onions on just about anything. But they’re wrong.

People have tried disguising food you hate as food you like, like you’re some kind of amateur.

There are certain casualties of war that you have no control over. 

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