10 Foods That Need To Go Away In 2017

10 Foods That Need to Go Away in 2017

Like every year, 2016 had its fair share of food trends — both exciting and completely dumb. The exciting ones were certainly worth celebrating — Nashville-style hot chicken is a national treasure — but the dumb ones were really, really bad. We've rounded up 10 trendy foods that should really just go away now that 2017 has arrived


The fruit of the açai palm, harvested primarily in the Brazilian Amazon, has somehow remained insanely  popular for years. It's been marketed as a cure-all — good for everything from weight loss to reversing diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Açai is as healthy as any other fruit, but there's zero scientific evidence that it has any positive health benefits. The Amazonian tribes who depend on it as a staple of their diets need it a lot more than we do. So stop trying to make "açai bowls" a thing. 

Buddha Bowls

Defined as "meatless meals for one, in a bowl," Buddha bowls are basically just a bunch of stuff arranged in neat little piles in a bowl for maximum Instagram-worthiness. They're also called hippie bowls or — I kid you not — glory bowls. We call them salads. 

Fairy Bread

Fairy bread has been popular among children in Australia since the 1920s; it's just buttered white bread with sprinkles on it. But thanks to the continued infantilization of America and its obsession with everything multi-colored (because the more colors something has, the better it looks in Instagram), full-grown adults are freaking out over it. Stop doing that. 


You know why nobody thought to turn wine into a slushie before now? Because if you actually care about the flavor of wine, you'll know that freezing it completely kills it. Drinking a cold glass of rosé on a hot day is one of summer's great pleasures. Walking around with a plastic cup, drinking frozen wine through a straw? That's just sad.

Gigantic Milkshakes

Milkshakes are about the unhealthiest foods on earth, but Black Tap in New York (and plenty of imitators) gild the lily by serving them in gigantic vessels, strewn with cookies, marshmallows, hot fudge, and other varieties of junk food. We wonder how many people who bought one just to Instagram it actually ate the whole thing. Maybe two?


LaCroix has been around for decades, but for some reason within the past couple years it's become the de rigeur hipster accessory. It's just flavored seltzer water, folks. 

Rainbow-Colored Foods

Just because something has eight different types of food coloring in it does not mean that it tastes any better. It just looks silly, and it isn't worth all that time spent in line. Bagelsburgerscakessushigrilled cheesepizza... it seriously needs to stop. 

Savory Ice Cream

This trend has been catching on among upscale restaurants, with sugarless ice cream flavored with cheese, salt and pepper, or vegetables replacing the sauce on some dishes. Mark our words: It's only a matter of time until an ice cream shop dedicated entirely to savory ice cream opens. That will not be a good day. 

Sushi Burritos

You know what happens to a sushi burrito when you cut it into slices?  It goes back to just being sushi.


We have nothing against toasting a piece of bread and topping it with stuff. But you know what that's called? An open-faced sandwich, not some miracle of culinary artistry.