10 Celebrities Who Despise Chick-Fil-A Slideshow

Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods, his views on Chick-fil-A during the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival, saying, "I am a huge Chick-fil-A fan, they have a great sandwich, but I choose not to spend my money anymore in a place that won't publically embrace people of all shapes, sizes, skin color, politics, sexual orientation, or whatever. I am very proud to have gay family members... it feels awkward to even use that word." He added, "I don't play volleyball, I do not ask people 'do you play volleyball?'"

Anne Burrell

When chef Anne Burrell was asked during an interview at The Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival how she felt about the controversy, she said, "I just won't eat there. Wherever I lie literally and figuratively, I think it is bad to discriminate. I hope they pull their heads out of their Chick-fil-A."


Cher shared with her followers that she'd "rather stick drumsticks in her eyes" after the question of eating at Chick-fil-A was posed on Twitter.

Ed Helms

Ed Helms, star of The Office, tweeted that Chick-fil-A is "lame" and proposed the question, "What will they do with a gay chicken?" Helms is an Atlanta native, which is the home of the fast-food chain, and he included in his tweet, "[Chick-fil-A] lost a loyal fan."

Roseanne Barr

Although Roseanne Barr apologized publically for wishing cancer on all who eat at Chick-fil-A, she surely made it clear that she despises the fast-food chain.

Rose McGowan

Actress Rose McGowan tweeted Huffington Post's "Shut Down Chick-fil-A" story, which discussed Chick-fil-A's anti-same-sex marriage standpoint.

Grant Gustin

Grant Gustin from Glee used his clout on Twitter to swear away Chick-fil-A last week. You are guaranteed not to find this musically inclined star dining at any of the chain's locations.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart shared on The Daily Show this week, "Open your eyes owner of Chick-fil-A — you're being such an (expletive) not even Boston will tolerate you." And that's just a brief snippet of the remarks made against the chain during that segment.

Tyler Florence

Chef Tyler Florence also shared a personal connection to the controversy Saturday during the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival, saying, "I believe in equal rights without a question. My younger brother is gay, [and] it is ridiculous for a company that sells things to completely divide a community."

Perez Hilton

Much Like Roseanne Barr, Perez Hilton attacked Chick-fil-A from a health standpoint, sharing with his Twitter followers, "I heard Chick-fil-A gives you diarrhea."