The 10 Best Food Names For Pets

The 10 Best Food Names for Pets

The first thing you need to do with you bring a new pet into your home is to choose a name for him or her. This can be a lot more difficult than it appears! Though you can spend days or weeks agonizing over the decision while your poor new kitty or pup remains nameless, there's one category of names that will never let you down: food. 


This might be a simple one, but it's also the perfect name for a chocolate lab. 


We're friends with a corgi named Butters, and the name couldn't match the dog better. The South Park reference is also a nice touch. 


Not just the name of Serious Eats' beloved, dearly departed mascot French Bulldog, Dumpling is also just an adorable name for a dog. 


Kimchi is a cute name for a dainty cat, in our opinion, and can also be shortened to Kim or Kimmy. 


If Muffin isn't a perfect name for a little Shih Tzu or Yorkie, we don't know what is. 


We can think of plenty squat and funny little dogs that resemble a chicken nugget (pugs, we're looking at you), and the name is a perfect descriptor. 


Not just a fruit, also a great name for a dog or cat, perhaps one with a sunny disposition. 


If there's one type of dog we can picture being named Riblet, it would have to be an English bulldog. 


Fun fact: Snickers bars got their name from a beloved horse owned by the candy bar's inventor, Frank Mars.                                                                


Sushi isn't just tasty, it's also a great name for a cat.