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The 10 Best Food Names for Pets

Who says a pet needs to have a human name?

The first thing you need to do with you bring a new pet into your home is to choose a name for him or her. This can be a lot more difficult than it appears! Though you can spend days or weeks agonizing over the decision while your poor new kitty or pup remains nameless, there’s one category of names that will never let you down: food.

The 10 Best Food Names for Pets (Slideshow)

There are lots of good reasons for naming your dog or cat after a food item. One, your pet’s coloring might resemble that of a specific food. (There are plenty of brown dogs out there named Brownie or Mocha, black and white cats named Oreo, and fluffy white dogs named Marshmallow.) Two, certain foods might make the owner happy, and bestowing the name onto your new pet is a way to transfer that joy. Three, the pet might join the family around a major holiday, so naming him or her after that holiday — like Pumpkin around Halloween — might make sense. Finally, your pet might love a specific food that inspires its name.

When naming a pet, there are a few food rules of thumb to keep in mind. One, the name should be short and sweet, and if it is long, it should be easy to shorten into  a cute nickname (Stimpy’s real name is Stimpson J. Cat, after all). Two, it should be easy to pronounce, for obvious reasons. And three, it should somehow reflect the personality or temperament of the pet. When the right name pops into your head, you know it right away.

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Read on for the 10 best food-inspired pet names. As mentioned, it’s pretty challenging to name your pet — although probably not as challenging as naming your kid! But don’t sweat it, don’t think about it too much, and just let it come naturally. As they say, they’ll tell you their name when they’re ready to. And if it has to do with food, all the better.