10 Of The 52 New Hamburgers For George Motz's Revised "Hamburger America"

Convention Grill (Edina, Minn.)

Burgers at Minnesota's Convention Grill are served simple. The all-American cheeseburger is your best choice. 

Fat Mo's (Nashville, Tenn.)

Black pepper, salt, and garlic are added to the patties at Fat Mo's to complement the beefiness of their burgers. The secret marinade also makes these burgers a hit. 

In-N-Out (Calif., Ariz., Nev., Utah, Texas)

In-N-Out's Double-Double animal-style combines two freshly ground patties with lettuce, tomato, Thousand Island dressing, and American cheese to make the perfect meal to-go. Motz has called it "the best fast-food burger."

The Irish Shanti (Marion, Iowa)

This Iowa burger-joint serves the famous Grunderburger with 20 oz fresh ground beef, "secret fairy dust," bacon, onions, mushrooms, lettuce, and tomato. 

Keller's Drive-In (Dallas, Texas)

Burgers at Keller's Drive-In are made with fresh-ground beef, delivered daily, and served on soft, toasted white poppy seed buns. 

Val's Burgers (Hayward, Calif.)

At Val's in Hayward, Calif., customers can order their burgers in three sizes: one-third pound Baby Burgers, half-pound Mama Burgers, or the one-pound Papa Burger. 

What-A-Burger Drive-In

This is not the same burger made famous by Texas chain Whataburger. What-A-Burger Drive In features wide burgers made from fresh ground meat. Order the "Double What-A-Burger" or the What-A-Salisbury" for an awesome meal. 

Workingman's Friend (Indianapolis, Ind.)

The most popular thing on the menu at Workingman's Friend, established in 1919, is no doubt the double cheeseburger that's smashed thin to perfection. 

Kewpee (Lima, Ohio; Lansing Mich.; Racine, Wis.)

This Art-Deco restaurant in Ohio has served fresh, square burgers to hungry customers for more than 80 years. 

Anchor Bar (Buffalo, N.Y.)

The favorite burgers at Wisconsin's famous Anchor Bar are the "Sour Cream and Mushroom," the "Oliveburger," or the "Cashewburger," topped with Swiss cheese, and salted, roasted cashews.