This 1 Buffet Rule Will Make Your Wallet (And Your Stomach) Happy

On the outside, buffets look like free-for-alls — you just grab a plate and dive in. If you consider yourself an expert, you might assess the buffet before you grab your first spoonful, doing some recon to make sure that you don't skip any of the must-have items (can't miss the crab legs!). But if you remember one rule when it comes to buffets, it should be this one, which will guarantee that you save stomach space and get your money's worth: Avoid the starch.

Whereas items like meat, seafood, and vegetables tend to not take up too much stomach space, it's the starchy foods that really fill you up. While that heaping pile of mashed potatoes might look like the perfect accompaniment for the yellow, the wisest course of action is to just let it be. Same goes for the fried rice, bread rolls, and pasta (OK, you can allow yourself a little of the pasta).

If you're the kind of person who looks at a buffet and sees a challenge, remember to skip the starchy items and you'll outlast even the hardiest of competitors. That said, we recommend not going too overboard, even if it's a particularly tempting buffet.