Eat Like Your On TV

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Eat Like Your On TV

Over the past few years there has been an explosion of television programs that focus on people traveling the country (and beyond) looking for some of the best and most unique restaurants this country has to offer.  Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives starring Next Food Network winner Guy Fieri has had 13 successful seasons showing off some of America's best, unknown spots.  Then there was Man vs. Food a hugely successful show on Travel Channel that chronicled Adam Richman's quest to conquer food challenges across the country.  From there many other similar shows starting popping up.  The shows range from focusing on low cost spots, late night spots, drinking spots to high end restaurants.  There seems to be a show (or 2) for every niche.

If you are like me when you watch these shows you say to yourself "If I'm ever in [fill in the city] I want to check that restaurant out".  However, with over 30 such shows and my lack of memory trying to keep track of these places proved impossible.  On countless occasions after a business trip I would realize I forgot about a restaurant I saw a few weeks or months earlier.  That is where the idea behind came from.

TVFoodMaps provides a central database of restaurants featured on 30 different shows.  It lets user keep track of the places they've been and the places they want to go.  With features like a road trip planner and mobile apps for Android and iPhone TVFoodMaps hopes to be your solution to finding, keeping track of and eventually eating at the restaurants you see on TV.

Note: TVFoodMaps is not affiliated with nor endorsed by any of the networks or shows featured on it.