Eat the Right Fling

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Eat the Right Fling

1. Pizza bagel. Because, since it’s on a bagel, it’s breakfast food. Slice a bagel up, toast it halfway, lather it with tomato sauce and cheese, and toast again until the cheese melts. So. Freaking. Easy. The carbs from the bagel will keep you full, and the cheese will help to absorb any alcohol you’re drinking. The sauce is just a delicious edition (and it’s made of tomato, so I guess it’s sort of healthy?).

Photo by Connie Fan

Photo by Connie Fan

2. Almond butter, honey and banana sandwich. This actually is sort of healthy! Almonds are supposedly helpful in preventing hangovers, so make sure to eat one of these sandwiches before you go out for the day. The banana will wake up your metabolism while the bread will do the most important job. It will help keep you full and will make your stomach work so you don’t get sick from partying before its even 12pm.

3. Cheese omelette. I bet you’re excited to see this one! Yes, eggs are actually a great thing to eat before you drink. They help to break down some of the congeners found in alcohol and will help prevent a nasty 6pm hangover. Order one from Greek Lady or Allegro’s if you’re cooking-challenged, and enjoy with toast and some home fries.

4. Milk. Milk is great before you drink! It coats your stomach and helps neutralize all of the acid in alcohol. Pour yourself a tall glass before you go out (or make yourself a white russian to kill two birds with one stone). This goes without saying, but if you are lactose-intolerant like I am, you’ll definitely want to ignore this one–it will only bring you pain and sadness.

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5. Oatmeal. Another super-healthy option that will keep you full and help you drink slower. If you’re in a hurry to start your day drinking, instant oatmeal takes about 1-1.5 minutes to heat up in a microwave. You can also get some quickly at a dining hall, Metro, HubBub or Capo Giro. The Umpqua oats are delicious (available at Williams and HubBub), but Quaker Oats are a way cheaper option that taste just as good (try the brown sugar or raisins & spice flavors).

Last, but not least, hydration is key. Make sure you down at least a full glass of water in the morning and continue to drink non-alcoholic fluids throughout the day. I know it will decrease the amount of time you have before “breaking the seal,” but I promise it will make you feel so much better later!

I hope to see you out after 3pm!

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