Eat Like A King With These Game Of Thrones-Inspired Recipes

It's the day we've all been waiting for...Game of Thrones is back for season four this Sunday.Sure, you could watch the premiere episode with the usual pizza and popcorn, but why not make it a real Westeros feast? We've compiled five delicious (and often Medieval) recipes inspired by George RR Martin's hit books, as well as the spicy HBO series, from A Feast of Ice and Fire — the official culinary companion to the books — as well as a few recipes from a culinary historian who was inspired by the books and Medieval cuisine to create some seriously tempting dishes.

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So what do the folk in Westeros eat when they're not busy killing each other? Apparently quite a lot of savory pies — popular during both the real Middle Ages and in the vaguely-medieval, dragon-filled world of Westeros. Wash all of those meat pies down with a hearty swig of the new Fire and Blood Game of Thrones ale from Ommegang (The Daily Meal tried it, and it's fiery, bitter, and satisfying—just the way a dragon beer ought to be).

Beef and Bacon Pie

Wow your guests with beef and bacon pie, a savory and meaty dish that Bran Stark has mentioned as one of his favorite foods.

Salmon Pie

Get inspired by the Tully clan, whose emblem is a trout, and make this salmon pie molded into the shape of a fish.

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