Easy Roast Chicken Recipe

Easy Roast Chicken Recipe
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Roasting a whole chicken may be one of the more daunting culinary projects a cook may try, but it shouldn't be. All it takes is a couple of pantry basics, and an hour or so of your time - you needn't truss your bird, or even remove the wishbone, if you don't want to. As well, choosing to cook a whole bird, as opposed to a breast or thighs, is much more economical, when you think of the amount of meat you get per dollar spent. When properly cooked, you end up with moist meat that can be eaten alone or used in other recipes like enchiladas or chicken salad. You can also use the bird's carcass to make a real special treat - your own chicken stock. Click here to see 101 Ways to Cook Chicken
Roast Chicken