Easy Poached Fish With Tomatoes And Couscous

Easy Poached Fish With Tomatoes And Couscous
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An easy, healthy, and filling recipe that doesn't break the bank — and tastes delicious. When coming up with a recipe that would serve (and satisfy) two people for less than $10, I was a little worried because I wanted to include a protein in the dish without going over budget.After an extensive conversation with my fishmonger, I settled on lemon sole even though I had initially wanted tilapia (they didn't have any that day). While the fish most likely increased the cost a little, I still made the cut. If you're just looking to make this dish for fun (which is always encouraged), then feel free to add some spinach or ribbons of Swiss chard to the dish. But even as is, it's absolutely delicious! (And spending less on dinner makes me feel more justified in splurging on an expensive bottle of wine.)Total cost: $7.31
Easy Poached Fish with Tomatoes and Couscous Recipe