Easy Last-Minute Halloween Decorations

Halloween décor doesn't have to be a frightful endeavor. In fact, with a few easy ideas and crafts materials, Halloween décor can be almost as fun to make as your Halloween costume. Halloween is the perfect time to get away with simple decorations that really make a statement. If you want to wow guests with minimal effort, there are plenty of simple Halloween décor ideas that will totally pop without taking up a ton of time.

If you're pulling together a last-minute Halloween party, you'll definitely want to check out these ideas to help you pull off your Halloween party flawlessly.

Magic "Potion" Jars

If you keep a spice rack on the counter, do some relabeling! Print out labels that say things like "Eye of Newt" and overlay them on top of standard spice labels.

Apothecary Jars

Empty vases, colored wine bottles, and glass jars can look eerie if you place the light of a flickering candle behind them.

Toilet Paper

Mummify your household objects by wrapping them in toilet paper. It'll look super creepy if you paint on red, devilish eyes!