Eastern North Carolina-Style Pulled Or Chopped Pork

Eastern North Carolina-Style Pulled Or Chopped Pork
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A beautifully slow cooked, barbecue pork that can go perfectly with any BBQ sauce.
  • 12 pound pork picnic shoulder or boston butt
  • 1-2 quarts of eastern north carolina barbecue sauce, depending on taste
  • 1/2 bag of charcoal, if using charcoal grill
  1. If using a gas grill, set the grill to 250 degrees. Put the pork on the grill skin side up. If using a charcoal grill, pour the charcoal around the perimeter of the grill. Set the air vents so they are about ¼ open to allow some air to flow through the grill. Light the coals. Once the charcoal has turned white, put the pork in the middle the grill, skin side up. (Pork should cook over indirect heat.)
  2. Shut the grill. Don’t open. Coals should last the entire time. After three hours, turn the pork over. Cook for one more hour.
  3. After the cooking time, open the grill and allow the pork to cool a few minutes. Use thick gloves to pull the skin off pig (save to chop into barbecue, if desired) and debone the pig. All the meat should fall right off the bones. Eat and enjoy, or chop the pig and season with Eastern North Carolina-style barbecue sauce to taste.