Easter Egg-Shaped Oreos Are Here Already

Someone at Oreo headquarters apparently got hold of a cookie-stamping machine, and they're not letting go. On the heels of Love, Oreos — a Valentine's Day cookie with messages of love printed right on the cookie — the company has created Easter Egg Oreos. And even though Easter is still hopping down the bunny trail and isn't here yet, cookie-eaters are already finding them in stores.

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Easter Egg Oreos have a number of variations from the standard Oreo cookie. The sandwich cookies are egg-shaped, to begin with — not that different from the regular round Oreos, but certainly recognizable as eggs. The crème filling is purple-colored, but not flavored differently than regular Oreos.

The cookie-stamping machine gets put to good use here, just like with the Love, Oreos. The Easter Egg Oreos come in four different designs, mimicking decorated eggs and other Easter themes. They'll likely be cute for an Easter party, though certainly not as brand-shaking as the enormous Most Stuf Oreos.

Easter isn't until April 21, but food blog The Junk Food Aisle reported on its Instagram account on Feb. 20 that the Easter Egg Oreos are already out at Target and Walmart. A representative for Oreo didn't immediately respond to a request for comment, but back in January, told The Daily Meal that the new cookies would be rolling out about this time nationwide. And readers commenting on The Junk Food Aisle's post reported spotting the cookies at a variety of other stores, including Albertsons, Dollarama, Walgreens and more.

"The cookie seems a little thicker, I dip my Oreos with a fork, and these are perfect for that," an Instagram user going by mcovino10 wrote on the post. "They appear to be halfway between regular and Double Stuff, they are the perfect consistency. It's as if they've perfected the already perfect cookie."

Another cookie-eater noted the Easter Oreos are a different size than the regular cookies. 

"Warning: they're tiny!" wrote  eli_hoovler. "They're good but they're way smaller than I anticipated."

The new Easter cookies will be available for a limited time wherever regular Oreos are sold. And cookie monsters may want to look into the craziest Oreo flavors ever.

This story was originally published on Jan. 23, 2019, and updated on Feb. 23 noting that the cookies are now available.