Durian Wine: Next Big Thing?

Let's just say that durian isn't the most popular fruit, thanks to its pungent smell, described by the poetic Anthony Bourdain as the smell "if you'd been French-kissing your dead grandmother."

So while some people might hate it, others love it, enough to try and turn it into wine.

Reuters reports that scientists in Singapore have figured out how to turn the smelly, sweet fruit into wine, scooping out the pulp to ferment it into a clear white wine.

The process? They scoop out the pulpy flesh, blend it into a liquid, and then add water to ferment the liquid. The resulting wine is sweet with 6 percent alcohol, relatively low for a wine.

Researchers hope that the wine will appeal to both durian lovers and haters, since, "after the fermentation, the pungent smell, the repulsive smell of durian is reduced," one of the scientists say. Plus, who wouldn't be curious to try a wine made from a fruit that's been banned on planes? Watch the report below.