Durian Kit Kats Could Be The World's Stinkiest Candy

Once it seemed like no Kit Kat could be stranger than sake-flavored Kit Kats, complete with alcohol, but now the world's smelliest fruit could become the new Kit Kat flavor, if Thailand has anything to say about it.

According to Rocket News 24, Thailand has suggested a range of Thai-inspired limited-edition Kit Kat flavors in an attempt to boost tourism. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Thai minister for Tourism and Sports, says he's been speaking with Nestlé about the prospect of turning local Thai delicacies into special Kit Kats. He mentioned that tamarind and mangosteen were both suggested as possible flavors, but the most noteworthy suggestion was probably the idea of the durian Kit Kat.

Durians are a very popular fruit in much of Asia, but they're also extremely famous for their intense aroma, which has been described as everything from "sweaty feet" to "rotting corpse." Many hotels, trains, and airports don't allow passengers to travel with the fruit, lest the scent get out and ruin the day of everyone else in the building.

People do love the taste of durian, though, so durian Kit Kat would probably be pretty popular. If the candy actually smelled like durian, though, it would remain to be seen if people were really up for candy that smells like sweaty feet, even if the flavor was good.