Dunkin' Donuts Launching Donut Egg Sandwich Nationwide

The glazed donut egg sandwich hits all stores June 7. Get your sweatpants ready

Dunkin' Donuts is launching their donut sandwich nationwide.

This news just had to break the one morning we decide to skip breakfast; Dunkin' Donuts has decided to take their ridiculous glazed donut egg sandwich and launch it nationwide. Our stomachs actually want that.

The sandwich, which uses a glazed yeast ring donut as bread and tops it with bacon and a "pepper-fried egg" will be on the permanent menu starting June 7, AP reports. And while the sandwich racks up 360 calories, it's still surprisingly less than the turkey sausage sandwich (a "healthy" option at 390 calories).


Dunkin' Donuts was testing the donut-bacon-egg sandwich back in April in Massachusetts, selling the sandwiches for $2.99 a pop, a representative tells us. Donut burgers have long been part of our cultural lexicon, with several popping up in New York's burger scene most recently (and Paula Deen touting the Lady's Brunch burger on Food Network). Now we're just waiting for a cronut-knockoff bacon burger.