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Duff Goldman's Spicy Annapolis Oyster Shooters


Oyster shooters are often left out at barbecues, but they provide a spicy finish to any grilled meats, and the Ace of Cakes has a special recipe.


  • Tabasco to taste
  • 1/2 Tablespoon white prepared horseradish
  • Pinch of Old Bay seasoning
  • Pinch of finely-minced Habañero pepper
  • 1 freshly-shucked Chesapeake Bay oyster
  • 3 Ounces of beer (nothing too hoppy or micro)
  • 2 -3 dashes of Worcestershire sauce


In a rocks glass, start layering ingredients: first, the hot sauce, roll the rocks glass around three or four times and coat the entire bottom of the glass.

Next, sprinkle the Old Bay evenly over the hot sauce. Next place the freshly shucked oyster and then build a mound of of horseradish and Habañero.

Now, pour the beer on top of the shooter, and as the head builds, hit it with a few shots of Worcestershire sauce.

Shoot the whole thing immediately, but don’t swallow.