Duff Goldman Is All About The Cronut Craze

Last night at Feast Portland's kickoff Sandwich Invitational, we ran across Duff Goldman creating some peanut butter, jelly, and bacon sandwiches (say what?). And when we got to talking about how maple bacon donuts are everywhere now ("They're like red velvet cupcakes — you have to have them," he said), the subjects of Cronuts came up.

"Yeah, Cronuts. I love it," Goldman said. "I love how this idea of this food just captured the nation. It's so cool, man."

But does he think that Cronuts are the next maple bacon donuts? He's not so sure. "Maple bacon is so good," Goldman said. "There is a reason why clichés are clichés, because they're awesome. Something like maple bacon has become a standard because everyone loves it. I don't know if the Cronut has that."

It would probably help if Goldman had tried a Cronut, but it turns out he hasn't. "Is it like a churro?" he asked (we described it as more of a buttery, fluffy donut).

Of course, it's always possible for the Cronut to become as ubiquitous as, say, red velvet cupcakes. "It has a lot of copycats, so you might see in eight years, culinary schools will be teaching you how to make it, but I don't know," Goldman says. Dominique Ansel, however, would probably have to share his recipe, which doesn't seem likely. "Dominique is so awesome, such a cool guy, he's so creative," Goldman said. "I gotta be like, I hope I end up working for him one day." He's joking of course, but we wouldn't be.