Drunk Man Hurls Chihuahua at a Starbucks

Drunk man protests Starbucks ban by throwing a dog
Wikimedia/Tatiana Borisova

A Texas man was arrested for animal cruelty after throwing a Chihuahua at a Starbucks window.

A Texas man was arrested this week after he responded so badly to being banned from Starbucks that he picked up a four-pound dog and tried to hurl it through the cafe’s window.

According to NY Daily News, 46-year-old Larry McHale was banned from the Starbucks three months ago for harassment. But McHale came back Tuesday — three months later — in a rage and looking to start something with the Starbucks. Witnesses said he was drunk when he showed up Tuesday night and smashed a bottle on the ground in front of the Starbucks. Then he shocked everyone in the store by grabbing a four-pound Chihuahua and hurled her at the glass front window of the Starbucks.

“How in the world could someone take such a tiny animal and use it to vent their anger?” said Nela Brown of Frisky Paws Rescue, which is taking care of the dog. “This dog has never hurt anyone, but we’re going to save her no matter what.”

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The Chihuahua suffered a broken leg and a head injury and was bleeding from the ears after the incident. Police say they are not sure if the dog belonged to McHale or if she was a stray or belonged to someone else, but she has been named Starbucks and will be put up for adoption. McHale was arrested on animal cruelty charges.